Welcome to the home for First Aid and Healthcare Training at the Northwest Regional Training Center. We offer a wide variety of training for the lay rescuer, the first responder as well as the advanced healthcare worker. Here at the NWRTC, we pride ourselves on not only providing you with the training you need, but also delivering it in such a way that is both concise and thorough. Our expert instructors are prolific in their field and are highly skilled in delivering to you the training you require.

We want to make finding and registering for courses convenient. Simply follow the three steps below and we'll see you soon at the Northwest Regional Training Center!

There are two ways to find a course that will suit your needs:

The first way is to select a course from our list of the courses we provide in the right column. Click on a name of a course to read the course's description, its prerequisites, cost, length, and the dates it is being offered.

The second way is to click on the "View Course Calendar" button to review the courses we have available month by month. Click on the course's name to be taken to that course's description.
Once you've found the course you'd like to take, click on the "Select Course" link to add the Course to you Course List. You can review the courses you've selected any time by clicking on the "Review My Course List" button.
Once you've reviewed your selected courses, click on "Register for Courses". You will be taken to the checkout step of the process.